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Angels are much different from the spirit of people, when people go on into eternity there soul and spirit go into there final place they will reside…forever…the angelic on the other hand are created just spirit, they are always in God’s manifest presence w/o any disconnect…they carry things from God to us, they often appear as "streaks of light" or (for those that sense things spiritually) they have the character, traits and demeanor of there status and rank in heaven…i.e….war angel, messenger, guardian, worship, healing (many more kinds) arch angels…..they speak, prophecy, sing, dance….and can even manifest in human form….there’s some real cool books on angels out there….biggest thing?….they do the will of God, partnering with the Holy Ghost. There is a harmony between them….

There are many encounters with them that range any where from casual encounters (just them letting you know they are close) to "seeing them" in the spirit realm, to them speaking audibly, to encounters where they hand you things both spiritually and naturally.


-many Blessings James

books on angels-Dancing With Angels-Kevin Basconi- Working with angels Steven Brooks- and Angels among us- Roland buck

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