How to’s on dismantling “the bully spirit” -from the book “defeating the bully” by James Anderson

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Seeing the Truth

In identifying the “bully” and have some understanding into the character of a bully and how they became one and have basic understanding in the structure of a “click” let me mention a few things you can do in order to be free from “bad clicks” and give you the power to DISMANTLE and render powerless the spirit of a “bully” ok?

Bully tips

  • TELL A TEACHER OR ADULT!!!  If you have to scream for help!!!  A bully will threaten all the more during this time, no matter what EXPOSE THEM, perhaps being caught and punished will break the deception that they can hurt anyone they want.  By now they have already labeled you and called you all sorts of names…so who cares what they call you.
  • Remember when there is no one around (as a Christian Jesus will defend you.)  Lean on Him and ask for His protection over your family and friends every day.
  • DO NOT FEAR THEM- Since a bully thrives on fear and intimidation, don’t give him the satisfaction.  If you do you maybe fueling this behavior.  This you may have to practice some, but as you take your stand your will find an inner strength (in Jesus and His courage) you didn’t know existed.
  • Remember as Christians that those that are trapped in these forms of diabolical behavior are being used by the enemy.  This means we want them saved.  However we DO NOT take their abuse.  Ephesians 6:12: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
  • Often a direct assault from a bully is fueled in a demonic spirit; if you change the “spiritual climate” and bind these spirits then often the assault is thwarted.  In other words SING!!! Start singing either praise or worship songs.
  • Verbalize the command: Here’s a good example.  Simply say, “I bind the bully spirit in Jesus name, and all its evil power.”  Then go the next step and say, “I lose the power of the BLOOD OF JESUS.”  This will likely enrage the person (depending on the depth of how far rooted this spirit is) but will render the “spirit of a bully” powerless.
  • Stand up to them, DO NOT LET them assert themselves.  If someone in a “bad click” tries to bully you then simply tell them that you ARE NOT going to be their pawn.  Tell them you WON’T do what they want you to do and STICK TO IT!!!  If someone using control can control you easily then you have been duped.           All rights reserved (c)- James Anderson

    the book “defeating the bully” is in the development stages and has not yet been published, thanks for your patience -James Anderson

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