Is Healing for Today? -James Anderson

By admin

hmmm….does God heal?? Well I’ve watched people receive brand new teeth, elbows, knees, skin repaired, sisters removed (as I watched), I’ve been in the room when metal disappeared from joints, I’ve felt bone change under my hand (as I prayed once..i was shocked!!) and saw two dozen drug addicts instantly delivered (me one of them)…I think I’m pretty sure He does heal…You want to see your family and friends saved?..shovel there drive way give them gift, you want to see you towns changed, pray with people in the store..and talk to them, you don’t have to prove God exists, God does that…you already know He exists!! and you have Faith for them!!…unbelievers don’t believe…..this is the whole point…display love, heal them, cast the devils out them, you show the Kingdom and you’ve won a brother or sister.

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