James Anderson, On Five Fold Ministry

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Now a days you can throw a rock and hit a prophet..lol..if you miss, you’ll hit an apostle..ha. Under the OLD-COVENANT Moses had so much glory on him he had to wear a veil…I haven’t seen many people wearing veils because of the Glory..lol…There ARE prophets and apostles in the world right now…but most are being trained, the ones ive seen that are real…usually don’t actually say they are a prophet or an apostle…Remember it was jezebel that called herself a prophetess…Love still is and will always be the defining quality ESP of New Covenant 5fold ministry…these are precious offices, lets treat them with the dignity they deserve amen?…If you got the STUFF show me the fruit…Ill see it, if we aint got it yet..lets get it!! ITS CALLED FAITH NOT FAKE…The enemy sure as heck don’t care what you call yourself, he’s gonna see if you have Jesus nature..anything else..wont work. Even a donkey can prophesy…

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